Failed Plans

July 13, 2015 As I write this, I stop to count days! Today is Tuesday. On Thursday, it will be ten weeks since I donated a kidney to my uncle. Maybe you have wondered why my blog stopped or maybe not:) The reason was one I never expected! As you know, I am somewhat OCD! … Continue reading Failed Plans


April 25, 2015 I actually made my decision with finality and certainty on February 6, 2015. I was going to donate my uncle a kidney! On this day, I saw my neurosurgeon for a checkup regarding my back. I see him every four to six months to see if I am holding steady or have … Continue reading Certainty

Bottled Blondes

Seriously, it takes a village to help this bottled blonde blog! I kid you not! Bless my husband who Always encourages me and always (well, almost always:) answers his phone, knowing it is another computer crisis! Bless sister number three for editing my first post (I didn’t want to scare away any grammar police). She … Continue reading Bottled Blondes