Some of you may be reading this searching for information or experiential accounts, on donating a kidney. You may be totally Un-interested in my family! My extended family is big and this is in part also for them, so Please bear with me. As I stated from the beginning, my story can not be told apart from my faith or family.

In reality, neither can yours!

Our family and our life experiences, permeate our very beings! Our genes are coded from birth, pre-wired if you like. But, what we experience also plays a very important part of who we are and/or who we become. Genetics or environment/experiences, which is most important? That’s a question Many have debated and some quite passionately! I’ve had many conversations on this topic and I will tell you my opinion on the topic has changed. Regardless of where you stand on which reigns superior, no one can deny that both produce who we are. If you are considering kidney donation rest assured your genetic makeup will get more than a cursory look. But our familial relationships and experiences also affect us. What we believe about eternity affects us. All play a part whether consciously or subconsciously in how we process information and make decisions.  What we choose to do with these experiences affects not only us, but also generations to come! We are responsible for what we do with our experiences. Will we allow them to mold us into a usable vessel for good or not? If you are a Christian, will you allow God to use your experiences as a platform for His use?   So we each must choose to use our life experiences for our good and the good of others, or we don’t. Life is made up of choices. I will be frank and say that my husband’s family story is completely opposite mine! Bad choices made generations ago, still affect the current generation. Truth and lies, each carry consequences that can last for generations!

Yet, my husband is one of the smartest, kindest,  and most compassionate men I have ever known! Our familial experiences could not be more different. We are very different in temperament. I am an extrovert who could talk to a brick wall and he is not:)   But, when he speaks, everyone listens. Not, because he is loud; quite the opposite, because what he says always has value. He genuinely loves people, all people. This we have in common. He loves me and his compassion and love for my family has impacted him deeply. We both came to see the other half of the world, lived very differently than our own. He often says, “Only by God’s grace and love, am I normal!” Although, we both agree normal is somewhat overrated:) We choose to live life rooted in God’s love, forgiveness, mercy and deep desire to know us. We choose to know Him, because He first chose us. He chooses you, too! Another choice we each must make.

Regardless of your background, family or faith your life experiences with each do play a roll in how you make decisions. Making a decision as important as giving away a kidney, can not be made apart from those you do life with! It is serious and I, as well as, you must view  it with an eye on eternity. What if I died during the transplant? If you choose to donate a kidney, what if you die?

It is irresponsible Not to consider the possibility.