Testing and More Testing

2 thoughts on “Testing and More Testing”

  1. We were so touched to read this. None of this was news to us, but it brought back so many feelings and memories. I left a long comment that somehow vanished into thin air. Maybe I didn’t need to leave that much. I was explaining and telling how this transplant was such a miracle and how you are so special. All transplants are miracles, and everyone knows how special you are. I give God all of the credit for the miracles of you, your doctor, Charles’s cardiologist, and the transplant team members. Charles failed all of the preliminary heart tests for a transplant, but with your determination and insistence, it happened. The transplant team turned positive, and it happened so fast. It was amazing to watch you and Charles breeze through your surgeries with no frozen back for you and no exploded heart for Charles! It was a wonderful day, indeed! Keep writing. Love you, Kathy. Aunt Becky


    1. P.S. I forgot to say, there is only one Killer in this world. That pic is too funny. I have seen him sit just like that before. hahaha


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