On Ice

I have never been good at waiting. The day following my visit to my internist and blood work, I called the transplant unit to verify they had received my blood typing results. Again, I was told I would be re-assigned a donor coordinator soon. My blood type was compatible with my uncle. I already knew … Continue reading On Ice


On Monday, February 9, I called the abdominal transplant line at University Hospital in Jackson, MS.  I simply said I wanted to donate a kidney to my uncle and they took my call-back information. They told me I would receive a packet in the mail.  It seemed somewhat anticlimactic! I waited! Almost two weeks passed … Continue reading Beginnings


April 26, 2015 (pm) Some of you may be reading this searching for information or experiential accounts, on donating a kidney. You may be totally Un-interested in my family! My extended family is big and this is in part also for them, so Please bear with me. As I stated from the beginning, my story … Continue reading Choices

A Village

April 26, 2015 I have debated how to pick up my story of being fifth in line to donate my uncle a kidney, for a few weeks! I told you that there was a gap in my timeline because the transplant happened!!! It was a success and very exciting for my family. Should I just … Continue reading A Village